Moon Helmet Astronaut Themed Shoot | Fort Polk, Leesville, LA

"Moon Helmet"

When you randomly nod and promise your 4 year old nephew that...Yes, you will buy him a "moon helmet"!

But 5 weeks later he still remembers it and reminds you of your promise a day before his kick your creative juices in full gear and deliver!!!! 

It filled my heart to just watch him laugh and run around in the fields of Sackets Harbor with his Helmet. The most heart melting part was when it was time for them to leave the next day. He came up to me, completely unprompted by anyone, tugged on my leg, and when I got down to his level, he whispered,

"Pooyah (Auntie) thank you for getting my moon helmet!"

ugh...ahh...tears! I hugged him tightly and quietly whispered back, "You are 100 thousand times welcome my dear!"  (100,000 is his favorite number to 'count' up to! ;)

#Moonhelmet #MissionAccomplished #BestAuntEver #100Thousand

PS: And...yes, he did try to sleep with his Moon Helmet on!